1-Year-Old Baby Gets His Leg Amputated, Takes His First Step 8 Months Later

A video making the rounds has proven that people with disabilities, including toddlers, can live a normal life. The video tells the inspiring story of a one-year-old boy who had to undergo a painful and life-changing surgery but seems to be living happily many months later.

People consider parenting one of the most rewarding responsibilities. But unfortunately, despite how amazing it can be, there will undoubtedly be hard days and challenging times.

One of the most trying times in parenthood remains watching one’s child go through something challenging, especially at a young age. As a result, a parent would do whatever it takes to end their child’s troubling days, even though it might cause them sadness for a while.

The above was the case of a Chicago mother and her husband, who had to make a drastic decision to end their son’s difficult experience.

At first, the mother was devastated and heartbroken, but a few months later, she realized that it might have been the best decision for her son. Here are the details of the viral and intriguing story.


In late 2020, Chicago mom Dawn Miranda became pregnant, and like many moms, she was filled with joy. During the first few weeks, everything seemed normal. However, 20 weeks into her pregnancy journey, Dawn would receive one of the most devastating news.

During an interview with Good Morning America, the mom revealed that the doctors had told her that her baby, Dakari Miranda, had a rare condition called tibial hemimelia.

Due to the condition, the baby had no tibia or shin bone, so there was a chance of needing to amputate his leg. Upon hearing the news, Dawn confessed that she was distraught. It was the scariest thing she had ever heard.

Thoughts like what kind of future her son would have and his chances of having fun with his siblings and friends filled her mind.

Finally, eight months after the surgery, the toddler would walk with his new leg.

Indeed, it was a difficult time, but thanks to research and a Facebook group of parents with kids dealing with the same condition, Dawn put behind her negative thoughts about her son’s future. Dawn told the outlet:

“I just started to realize that Dakari is going to be great.”

She also noted that she received encouraging words from Dr. Romie Gibly, her son’s orthopedic surgeon at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. So, Dawn waited patiently for the day her baby would arrive.

Dakari Miranda. | Source: facebook.com/Good Morning Africa

Finally, Dakari was born, and just like the doctors had noted, he had no tibia or shin bone. So to help the toddler live a normal life, the doctors presented Dawn and her husband with two options.

They could either amputate Dakari’s leg and fit him with a prosthetic leg that would allow him to walk immediately or try to preserve the foot and build a leg for the toddler through reconstructive surgeries.

Dakari Miranda at the hospital. | Source: facebook.com/Good Morning Africa


For Dawn, amputation seemed the better option as she watched her little boy struggle to crawl or walk due to its shape. So, in December 2021, when Dakari was 14 months, he underwent surgery, and his leg was amputated from below the thigh bone. After the successful surgery, the toddler had no further difficulty crawling or moving. According to Dawn:

“When we went to get the cast off, the kid shot down the hall like a sprinter. He was on the move, and it was almost like he wanted to say I appreciate it, like thank you so much.”

For the next few months, the team at the hospital worked towards fabricating a fitting prosthetic leg for Dakari. Finally, eight months after the surgery, the toddler would walk with his new leg.


A video shared on the official Facebook page of Good Morning America in August 2022 captured the emotional moment. In the clip, which has since gone viral, Dakari could be seen taking his first steps while holding onto his mother’s hand.

There were cheering voices in the background, and those present could not be happier. Ultimately, seeing Dakari happy and living a normal life made Dawn believe she made the right decision.

Meanwhile, Dakari may still need minor surgeries in the future and will need to have his prosthetic leg adjusted as time progresses.

Nevertheless, doctors are optimistic that the amputation will not limit the little boy. At the same time, Dawn wants other parents whose kids suffer rare conditions to know they are not alone.