15 Creepiest Abandoned Places In The World: Ruins Of A Forgotten World

One of the haunted looking abandoned place in the world

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Change, they say, is the only permanent thing in the world. And the same can be seen in old buildings, cities, railway lines, or even amusement parks across the world. And some of these completely run-down and abandoned places across the world have a ghostly and an eerie touch attached to them.

Beneath all this dust and rust, there are unheard stories associated with these abandoned places across in the world. Read on to know more about these abandoned places.

Abandoned Buildings: Castles and Mansions

1. Bannerman Castle, Pollepel Island, New York

Ruins of the Bannerman Castle Armory on Pollepel Island in the Hudson River in New York

Francis Bannerman VI built a huge storing space after buying the American military surplus from the Spanish war. However, much of the castle was destroyed following a massive explosion of ammunition in 1920. Thereafter, the remains of the castle were abandoned.

2. Dundas Castle, New York

The fairytale-like Dundas Castle

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The elegant New York castle was designed by architect Bradford L. Gilbert for his Scottish wife – Anna Dundas. But even before the completion of the structure, Gilbert died and Dundas committed herself to a sanatorium. So, though none got a chance to live in it, there are legends about the ghost of Dundas that roams through the halls of the abandoned castle.

3. Miranda Castle, Belgium

The abandoned and creepy Miranda Castle on a dark and gray day in fall

The Count Liedekerke Beaufort, a Belgian political activist, was forced to leave his home and move with his family to a neighboring land during the French Revolution. In 1866, the English architect Edward Milner was commissioned to build a summer home. But before the castle was completed, Milner died. Thereafter, the castle served as a camp for the Nazis during World War II, a holiday camp under National Railway Company of Belgium, and an orphanage. Finally, the castle was abandoned in 1991 due to the high maintenance costs.

4. Kilchurn Castle, Scotland

Reflections of the Kilchurn Castle in morning light in Scotland

Built in the mid-1400s, Kilchurn Castle has served as the home to some of the most powerful people in Scotland. But despite its striking location, it was abandoned in the 1700s and remains to be only a prime photography location.

5. Bodiam Castle, England

The historic Bodiam Castle and moat in East Sussex in England

Built in the 14th-century East Sussex (England) to protect the area against the French, the castle survived several wars before it was finally abandoned. Today, it stands as a popular tourist attraction in England.

6. Witley Court, Worcestershire, England

The Perseus and Andromeda fountain at the Witley Court Country House at Worcestershire in England

The 19th century palatial Witley Court never managed to fully recover to its former glory after the devastating fire of 1937. After some restoration to the huge estate, this otherwise abandoned place now serves as a tourist place. Visitors can wander through the gardens and see the large fountain of Perseus and Andromeda.

7. Dome Homes, Florida

The spooky looking Dome Homes in Florida

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A little off the coast of Marco Island in Cape Romano (Florida), the Dome Homes is a structure that was built as a vacation home. However, the alien-spacecraft-like structure eventually became abandoned following a series of hurricanes and the declining coastline.

Abandoned Cities, Towns, and Villages

8. Craco, Italy

Craco in the moonlight, an abandoned village in Basilicata in south of Italy

The small hill town in Basilicata (south Italy) came into existence in 540 AD. But the town’s location ultimately became the reason for its downfall. Due to the poor agriculture, the landslide of 1963, the flood of 1972, and the continued instability of the slope on which the town was located, Craco was eventually abandoned totally by early 1990s. However, it was seen again in the popular movie The Passion of The Christ.

9. Kayakoy, Turkey

The ruins of the abandoned Kayakoy town in Turkey

Nestled among the Taurus Mountains, Kayakoy town in Turkey has been deserted since the 1920s due to the political population exchange with Greece. With over 350 vacant homes, it is one of the popular abandoned places in the world.

10. Fordlandia, Brazil

An abandoned factory in the Fortlandia area of Brazil

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Established by Henry Ford – the founder of Ford motors – in 1927, Fordlandia was intended to be a huge rubber plantation in the Amazon forest. Ford planned a corporate city surrounding it with every kind of imaginable luxury. Swimming pools, a golf course, bungalows, and even a place for practicing national American dances – all these were supposed to be a part of the corporate city. But the idea of liquor ban infuriated the native workers who threw the cars into the river and chased away the managers into the jungle in 1930. Since then, the city has been abandoned.

11. Varosha, Cyprus

Abandoned hotels and the beach at Varosha in Famagusta in Northern Cyprus

Varosha was a modern tourist area in the early 1970s in north Cyprus. Its luxurious beaches and hotels attracted celebrities including Brigitte Bardot and Elizabeth Taylor, who took sunbaths right on the Varosha beach. But, with the invasion of the Turkish in 1974, things changed drastically and the entire population fled the area in fear of a massacre. Ever since, due to tense political situations, the area has remained abandoned.

12. Pripyat, Ukraine

Abandoned car ride area at the amusement park in Pripyat

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster of 1986 caused a city-wide leak of nuclear radiation. Once a township of thousands of plant workers and their families, Pripyat had to be evacuated immediately.

13. Villa Epecuén, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

An aerial shot of the ruins of Villa Epecuén in Argentina

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The erstwhile tourist village of Villa Epecuén on the shores of Lake Epecuén was very popular during the 1920s – early 1980s. However, when the dam holding back the lake’s waters failed in 19085, the entire village was flooded. Though the water receded, what remained of the village has been abandoned since then.

14. Kolmanskop, Namibia

Building taken over by sand at the former diamond mining town of Kolmanskop in Namibia

The town was founded in 1908 in the Namib desert by German settlers looking for diamonds. However, the resources were exhausted by mid-1950s and the town was abandoned thereafter. Today, the homes are filled high with sand that provides an eerie, but striking, image to the town.

15. Sanzhi, Taiwan

The abandoned UFO-type buildings of Sanzhi in Taiwan

Sanzhi, the city of the UFO houses in Taiwan, was developed as a vacation destination for the US military officers returning from their positions in Asia. But the unfortunate car accidents & the loss of investments forced this site to close down in 1980. The structure too were torn apart entirely in 2010.