8-Year-Old Girl Who Lost Mom Wants to Celebrate Her Birthday – Only One Person Agrees to Come

An 8-year-old girl lost her mom to brain cancer, but in the hopes of taking her mind off the loss, her sister threw her a birthday party. Unfortunately, only one person RSVP’d, but what happened after profoundly affected the well-meaning sister.

There are many cringe-worthy things humans have done in the past couple of decades. However, now and then, humans do something that restores faith in humanity.

An example is what happened with Chloe Sexton after she took to Tiktok with an emotional video that has now become viral with up to nine million views. It all began with a thought she had as her sister Charlotte’s birthday approached.

Chloe and Charlotte’s mom passed away a couple of months ago from brain cancer. Before her death, she fought the disease for over a decade, undergoing up to five surgeries.

Treating cancer is a costly process, so Chloe’s sister Charlotte was used to not celebrating her birthdays with parties and the likes. After their mom passed and Charlotte’s birthday approached, Chloe decided they would celebrate it with a big party.
Chloe is the only family Charlotte has; she has a baby of her own but has taken custody of her sister. May was the month of Charlotte’s birthday, her baby’s birthday, and Brain cancer awareness month, so Chloe felt it was an excellent time to change the tradition for her young sister.

Charlotte had to be enrolled in a new school after their mom passed on, but there couldn’t be a party without guests, so Chloe sent out birthday invites to Charlotte’s new classmates.

Imagine her disappointment when all but one of Charlotte’s classmates ignored the invite. It left Chloe sad, so she made a Tiktok video to express her pent-up emotions.

In the video, Chloe explained what happened, saying that Charlotte’s schoolmates knew what had happened but had still chosen to forsake the celebration. She said:

“If a kid in your child’s class gives out birthday invitations, just come. It’s like an hour of your life,” she said.”

Chloe also talked about how she was trying to make all the decorations they would need on her own. She clarified that she was not complaining about doing the decorations alone but that knowing the party would not be attended by other kids was discouraging.
It did not take long for the video to go viral on the video-sharing app, and many of the 9.1 million users who viewed it moved to the comment section to start coordinating how they would help out.

Those who realized they lived close to Charlotte and Chloe in Memphis reached out to her. Many came from Instagram too. Chloe said:

“So, fellow moms who were finding out they lived in the same city as me said, ‘I have a kid the same age as Charlotte. Can we come to the party?”

According to Chloe, she got more than a dozen messages like that, and she said yes to every one of them. There was even a lady who offered to bring her horse for pony rides, and again Chloe said yes.
Her answer to everything people offered was a yes, and it led to her having a big party for her little sister. She also didn’t have to do all the decorating herself as there were women who offered to come to help her set up.

Chloe found their assistance very helpful. But, in the meantime, she kept her sister in the dark, not telling her anything about the kids who had ignored their invites but instead focusing on those who had said they would. She said:

“So I told her, you’re going to meet a lot of new kids today. And it’s going to be amazing, and you’re going to have the best birthday of your life, I promise you.”

Thanks to the help from all the strangers who first heard Chloe’s cry for help on Tiktok, Charlotte’s eighth birthday was a huge success. The woman who had offered the horse came through with it; there was a pool, a water slide, a wall of balloons, and a long line of cars that stretched down the block.

Chloe would later confess to CBS that the party had been more beautiful than she could have imagined. She said, “It feels like it became something that was so much more than a birthday party.”

Chloe also revealed that when Charlotte spoke about the day with her therapist, she wished her mom had been there but tagged it a happy day for her — precisely what Chloe had been hoping she would think about it.