A Grandparents Prayer

A Grandparent can change lives.

Thank You Father for blessing me with my grandchildren.

Every smile reminds me of how giving and loving You are.

As a grandparent I want the most for them.

So I come to You Father with a bold prayer.

I love them so much but I know You love them more.

Hear my prayer, with faith I believe that I will receive.

I first pray that they seek and find You.

I pray they ask You to be their personal Savior.

If they already have You, I pray they never turn their backs on You.

May they run to You when life gets difficult.

I pray today Father, that You place Your amazing angels around them, protecting them from harm.

Protect them from the evil that prowls around this world daily looking for a victim.

Protect them from falling into the snares of the evil one.

If they do fall, I pray You rescue them from the evil clutches.

Help them be cautious in their daily decisions.

Give them strength to stand by what they believe, never wavering from Your truth.

Let Jesus be the light in their heart.

Let that light shine brightly through them. May everyone they meet, see the work You have done in them.

Father, place friends in their lives’ that will be positive, Godly friends.

Help them to be loving, compassionate and kind to all others.

I pray they have courage to fulfill their dreams.

May they have strength to work through their road blocks and challenges in life.

Help them to never give up hope.

Fill them with Your grace and bless their lives with every gift they need to follow the path You provide for them.

May Your Spirit fill them with hope and peace.

I pray they will be happy, healthy, responsible, caring people.

In good times and in bad, fill them with Your infinite joy.

I know they are in Your good hands.

Protect them, guide them, help them to be Godly people, and Father…

I pray they always know how precious they are to me.