Abandoned Gilded Age Villa on 6.9 Acres of Private Island Finds Buyer After Years! Photos Inside!

Real Estate Description

This Carleton Island villa sits on 6.9 acres and has three different waterfront access points: 198 feet directly in front of the villa, 287 feet along North Bay, and 330 feet along South Bay. Over seven decades have passed since the house was last inhabited. It has a stone base, and the upper stories, which are supported by wood frames, have deteriorated. Despite the fact that there is no connection to the Villa’s utilities, the Island does have access to both water and power that is drawn from the river. The Villa was built somewhere around the year 1895 and remained in use somewhere around the year 1927. Around the time of the World War, contractors were given permission to enter the villa and remove the interior as well as the doors and windows, exposing it to the outside elements.



11 Bedrooms, 15,000 Square Feet, and 6.9 Acres of Land

The Carleton property is located at Lot 1, Cape Vincent, New York 13618.




William O. Wyckoff, a sales agent for E. Remington & Sons and eventually the founder of the Standard Typewriter Manufacturing Company, Incorporated in 1886, was the one who erected Wyckoff Villa in the 1890s. Wyckoff Villa was named after him. The hybrid Richardsonian Romanesque-Tudor Revival mansion of 15,000 square feet (1,400 square meters) and designed by William Henry Miller was only occupied for a short period of time because Wyckoff passed away just one day after moving into it in 1895. During the brief time that General Electric owned the property, the company had the intention of transforming it into a corporate retreat. However, these plans were scrapped when the country was engaged in World War II. The mansion is falling apart because its windows and doors were taken out during World War II, which left it exposed to the elements. As a result, the stone foundation and the wooden top floors are both deteriorating.

The buyer has stated their intention to rehabilitate the property.

Currently Available Photographs of the Property:

Photos of Property in 1890’s: