Desperate couple adopts triplets – then doctor tells them about the ’new’ sonogram

For a long time, Sarah and Andy Justice tried to have babies. But life seemed to have other plans.

The couple from Tulsa, Oklahoma tried everything. And after three years of coming up empty, they set their sights on adoption.

The couple was quickly matched with a birth mother and when it was time for the woman to get an ultrasound, Sarah and Andy went along.

But what the ultrasound revealed shocked everyone: the doctors, the birth mother and the Justices alike. The woman was going to have triplets!

Some months later, little Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth were delivered without a hitch. And then a week later, new parents Sarah and Andy got some more incredible news.

Suddenly, the formerly childless couple was going to have a huge family…

Sarah and Andy Justice were over the moon.

They had struggled for so long to start a family, and they thought they’d only ever be able to have one or two children after a long adoption process.

Facebook / Andy-Sarah Justice

In 2014, after they agreed to adopt a pregnant woman’s triplets, they were thrilled.

The triplets, Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth, were born very premature and struggled at the beginning of their lives.

The triplets had to stay in the neo-natal intensive care unit for a while, before they could go home.

Facebook / Andy-Sarah Justice

But the Justices couldn’t have been happier to have them.

And just a week after they welcomed the three babies, Sarah got some amazing news from her OBY/GN…

Sarah went to a doctor’s appointment just after the triplets’ arrival and they had some incredible news for her.

Sarah herself was finally pregnant — and she was going to have twins!

Suddenly, she and her husband went from being childless with no hope of kids to having three kids with two more on the way.

About 8 months later, twins Abigail and Andrew were born, leading to a very, very full house.

Facebook / Andy-Sarah Justice

But the Justice family’s journey didn’t end there. Miraculously, Sarah was soon pregnant again — this time with a single baby.

When the couple’s sixth child, Caleb, was born, it been a shockingly short two years since they were childless.

It just goes to show you that you should never give up on your dream.

Facebook / Andy-Sarah Justice

Because life has a way of taking unusual turns, and sometimes, you end up with just what you always wanted. In this case, a large and wonderful family.

The family’s unlikely story became, of course, famous worldwide. The Justices were interviewed by TODAY show in 2014 and gave some insights in the family’s crazy everyday lives.

They used a staggering 300 diapers week back then, dad Andy revealed:

”As soon as you get one diaper changed, it’s time to start all over again.”

Despite all the hard work and hardships, the couple regrets nothing.

“We just love having these children,” Sarah said.

Facebook / Andy-Sarah Justice

As you can see in the pictures, the children are doing great and they grow fast!

Recently, the triplets Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth, celebrated their sixth birthday

Looking at family today, they remain just as thankful and positive as ever!

I hope they can continue to inspire thousands of people by sharing their story and their devotion to their children.

Facebook / Andy-Sarah Justice

I love this story! What a wonderful miracle! Congratulations to the Justices and May God continue to bless them and their little ones.

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