Doctors Told a Man He Could Never Have Kids after 170 Rounds of Chemo — They Were So Wrong
A man faced a long and hard battle with cancer when doctors told him the devastating news–chemotherapy left him infertile. However, they were wrong.

Jonathan Jones displayed behavioral issues from a young age. When he was 17 years old, doctors finally found out what had been causing his problems. He had a cancerous brain tumor.

The businessman of Solihull, West Mids in England, has come a long way since the initial diagnosis. This month, the 32-year-old shared just how happy he is to have proven the doctors wrong.


Due to over 170 rounds of chemotherapy, medical professionals told Jones that he would never have kids. They also stated that he would most likely need to rely on chemotherapy for the rest of his life.

Along with these fears, Jones also struggled to find a partner. He shared that many people were put off after he told them about his cancer journey. However, in 2019, he met someone who looked past his health.


Jones became acquainted with a personal trainer, Danielle, in a Birmingham bar. She expressed that she was drawn to him because of his struggles and wanted to know more about him.

Danielle said:

“When he told me about the brain tumor he thought I’d be put off … I just thought ‘What an amazing guy.’ That was it for me. He’s just one in a million.”


The couple faced some challenges of their own. Danielle fell pregnant but miscarried after five months. Both parents were devasted and started to consider IVF. However, it wasn’t necessary.

After six months, Danielle was expecting again, also without any medical intervention. This year, their miracle baby was born without any complications. Jones expressed: “My son JJ is a blessing, an absolute miracle.”


The proud father hopes that others who have fears and doubts will be encouraged by his story. He added: “I think my story will inspire other people to remain strong and hopeful.” The couple also hopes to have another child next year.

Jones is a great example. Apart from running in charity races, he started a clothing line called “No Brainer.” Much of the proceeds are donated to the Brain Tumour Charity.


Jones did not allow a medical diagnosis of infertility to control or define his life. He expressed: “With JJ and Danielle, my life, aside from the chemo, is perfect.” His story moved netizens, and many were happy to hear about his growing family.

People said they were proud of him, and one user wrote: “Keep going, Jon & stay strong.” On his Facebook page, Jones thanked everyone for their support and told people that while there are tough days, the challenges only make you stronger.