Family speaks out after 5-year-old boy found stuffed in Las Vegas suitcase is identified

On Wednesday Indiana State Police revealed that they had identified the body of the 5-year-old child who had been found stuffed inside a Las Vegas themed suitcase and dumped on the side of a road in southern Indiana back in April.

The identification of the boy, Cairo Ammar Jordan of Atlanta, Georgia, put an end to a months’ long mystery.

An a rrest warrant has been issued for the boy’s mother.

The boy’s family has since spoken out.

Cairo’s paternal grandparents and great uncle said they only learned about the boy’s fate one day before officials made the announcement.

“It hasn’t even been a full 24 hours and yet, it still hasn’t really sunken in,” Andrew Mayo, Cairo’s great uncle, told Fox59.

A suitcase containing the boy’s remains was found by a mushroom hunter on April 16.

An autopsy report found that he died from an “electrolyte imbalance” most likely from a “viral gastroenteritis.” There was no significant trauma, and no “anatomical cause of d’eath.”

While officials continued their investigation, community members held vigils and a memorial service for the boy.

Cairo’s family expressed their gratitude towards the community for caring him.

“To know that it’s been six months, to read these articles, to see the people come through in a different state that didn’t know him from a can of paint, it shows what humanity really is,” Mayo said.

“We definitely want to thank the people in Indiana who did give him a proper burial. That was so nice of them and we appreciate that,” Kimberly Jordan, Cairo’s paternal grandmother, said.

incent Jordan, Cairo’s paternal grandfather, said there were no signs of her being a bad mother, however during their investigation police found social media posts from Dejaune indicating that her son needed to be killed.

This “beloved little boy known but to God” has been identified.

This is how Cairo Jordan’s gravesite looks today, months after his memorial service — it shows how much this community in Washington County loves this little boy.

“I have survived the death attacks from my 5-year-old throughout the five years he has been alive. I have been able to weaken his powers through our blood. I have his real name and he is 100 years old. Need assistance.”

Dejaune is currently on the run. Her last known location was Los Angeles, though she has been known to frequent San Francisco, San Diego, and Las Vegas.

What happened to Cairo is horrific. I do hope the boy’s mother is found and everyone responsible for his death is held accountable.