Grandpa Eric Braeden Cherishes Grandkids Who Give Him ‘Unlimited Love’ — One of Them Copied Him as Youngster

German-born film and television actor Eric Braeden is a force to be reckoned with. The 81-year-old has been on television screens as Victor Newman in “The Young and The Restless” for more than four decades, but his favorite role is simply being a grandfather.

Eric Braeden took the soap opera world by storm and has cemented himself as one of its longest-standing characters. However, he also has fun away from the cameras.

Already in his eighties, the star shows no signs of slowing down and enjoys being both a family and career man. As a doting grandfather, he regularly shares his precious grandchildren with the world, undeniably proud of them and the special bond they have.

Actor Eric Braeden and wife Dale with their son Christian on February 1, 2005 at CBS Television City in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

While Braeden played the same role on TV for half of his life, his world revolves around his loved ones. Unlike his onscreen character, the actor has been married to one woman for over 50 years.

He tied the knot with Dale Russell Gudegast in 1966, and the couple later welcomed a baby boy. He was their world, and they loved watching him grow into a young man.

Dale was the love of Braeden’s life, and she played a significant role in charting her husband’s future. He revealed that she even encouraged him to renew his contract for the life-changing part of Victor Newman, noting:

“She did indeed encourage me to sign for the next many years. She’s the one who suggested that I look at it as a challenge.”

The love birds met in college, and Dale described her husband as “endearing”. She also shared that he would pick wildflowers for her after coming in from a jog, always keeping their romance alive.

The couple’s only child, Christian Gudegast, followed in his father’s footsteps working in the film industry. Christian eventually gave his dad the most incredible gift — three beautiful grandchildren!

The Actor’s Precious Granddaughters
Braeden was over the moon to have new members in the family and spent as much time possible with them. When he was not captivating hearts on the screen, he was at home having fun with his granddaughters.

The three beloved girls feature on Braeden’s social media, and the grandfather isn’t shy to share their achievements. He rarely mentions their names and merely refers to them as “eldest granddaughter”, “second”, or “youngest granddaughter”.

While the name of his middle granddaughter, Tatiana Marie, was revealed, the other two remain private. Photos of Braeden and his sweet grandchildren display the love they share, and one showed them hugging sweetly.

In one post dedicated to his eldest granddaughter, Braeden wrote:

“To my beautiful, bright granddaughter, ‘HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!’ The future is with you!”

The proud grandfather showed his second granddaughter’s artwork to his hundred of thousands of followers, gushing at the creativity and skill she possessed. He said:

“She did a whole book with these drawings and an accompanying story.”

Braeden was also fond of spotting the similarities between himself and his granddaughters. He shared a photo of his eldest grandchild with an interesting expression on her face.

The actor added an old picture of himself alongside his eldest grandchild. He explained that she was trying to imitate his pose and facial expressions.

Braeden had the same look on his face in the black and white photograph and shared that it was taken shortly after his father’s passing.

The Actor Balances Work and Family Time
The actor occasionally used his professional skills of playing pretend while spending quality time with his grandchild, Tatiana. Braeden explained:

“She says ‘keys,’ and then I know she wants to sit in the car and play with all the buttons. She gets behind the steering wheel, and I have to go whurrooom, vaddoom, making noises like a car.”

The grandchild also loved pretending to sleep, and Braeden’s role was to act like he was snoring. The game was simple, but it was a memory the grandfather cherished dearly and something he always looked forward to.

In a nod to Braeden’s German heritage, his granddaughters call him “Opa”, which means grandfather. The actor’s face lit up whenever he had a chance to speak about being a grandparent. It gave him a heartwarming feeling, and he added:

“Being a grandfather just gives me a feeling of unrestricted, unlimited love. It’s unmitigated joy.”

The veteran actor values his privacy but doesn’t regret his fame, seeing it as a blessing “99 percent of the time”. He also enjoys interacting with fans and uses his platform to raise awareness about various topics he finds important.

Despite his age, Braeden’s career as a professional actor has not ended. He was not ready to stop acting and had no plans to retire from his character, Victor Newman. He was loyal to the role and intended to stay as long as possible.

He believed the essence of what he did when he acted was simple—he, along with the rest of the cast, made people happy. Braeden expressed:

“I love my life. I love my colleagues. I love my family and friends. So do I see myself retiring anytime soon? Hell no! My life has been enriched by having been introduced to so many things.”

Braeden joked about the reason why he’s not retiring on Twitter. The star shared a funny clip of an older man struggling to get out of a Ferrari. The video showed the man forced to use his hands and get on his knees as he climbed out of the sports car.

The actor captioned the comical clip: “That’s why I’m not considering retirement!” Braeden was proud that he prioritized his health and fitness. He wanted to spend as many years as possible with his beautiful family.

He also revealed that he impressively started every morning with an exercise routine that included “100 left-right combinations of 100 hooks, 100 uppercuts, [and] planks.”

Thanks to his infectious joy, positive attitude, and love for life, nothing can hold back the acclaimed actor. If the old saying is true that children keep one young, then perhaps Braeden’s grandchildren will keep him even younger!