Husband and Wife Married for 77 Years & Died Hours Apart Buried Holding Hands in Single Casket

An elderly couple married for more than seven decades died hours apart in 2017. They raised six children, 18 grandchildren, and several great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. Nothing is more beautiful than finding a life partner who stays by your side through life’s highs and lows. “Till death do us part” is one of the most wedding vows, but some couples experience it during their sweet communion.

Surprisingly, a couple from Columbia, Missouri, were only apart for a few hours before being buried in the same casket, holding hands like they always had.96-year-old Velva Breuer and 97-year-old Raymond Breuer were childhood

Their paths first crossed at a single-room primary school in Dawson Township in rural Phelps County.
In the fourth grade, Raymond left a lasting impression on Velva when he jabbed her with a hot poker from the school fireplace that left a scar. While celebrating their 77th anniversary, he jokingly told the reporters that she married him to get even.

The couple married in 1940 and spent 77 blissful years together. They raised six kids, three of whom were sent to Vietnam. The Breuers also had 18 grandkids, and many great-grandkids, and great-great-grandchildren.