‘I found myself stopped in my tracks, watching as she walked inside. I want to be her when I grow up.’: Mom of 3 shares touching moment with military mom, ‘Her words were everything I needed’

“I don’t know who she is.

I wanted to go help her, but she was already to the door.

I found myself straight stopped in my tracks, watching her as she walked inside.

Taking a picture of a stranger and posting it feels wrong in a way.

But at the same time, she shouldn’t go unnoticed.

This woman right here is my hero.

Courtesy of Lindsey Hukill Beahn

I’ve been sitting in the car, defeated and avoiding going home.

What lies behind my front door feels like it weighs on me constantly.

The never-ending, daunting tasks feel so heavy.

Watching this woman carry her load so effortlessly with her head high snapped me into reality real quick.

I want be her when I grow up.

So much that I waited in my car for her to come out.

It dawned on me as I went to pull out of my parking spot that she may feel exactly how I do.

She may need to hear that just by being herself and carrying the weight of her daily duties, she was an inspiration to the people around her.

I got to go up and shake her hand and tell her that today, even if she didn’t realize it, she was an inspiration.

She thanked me very kindly and told me that she just gets up and tells herself that it’s just what she HAS to do.

As simple as those words may seem to her, they were EVERYTHING I needed to hear today.

To this woman, whoever she is, thank you for being the example.

You have given me the strength I needed today.”

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