In France, I discovered a historic abandoned castle with everything left behind

This old castle in the south of France, known as Chateau Secret, was erected in the 1500s. It was passed down through generations until being purchased for a low price by a family that departed the country and abandoned it. Today, it sits with nothing within. Everything was photographed when I discovered it. Take a look inside to learn about the secrets of this deserted castle.

Disclaimer! I’m hearing that a lot of people are wanting to visit this location right now because they believe I just shot it and it’s completely empty, but that’s not the truth. I heard that someone just tried to go there, but it is now entirely closed, even though the location and address can readily be located using Google Lens. Please do not enter!

I’ve seen an increase in the number of social media profiles dedicated to urban exploration. Many of these folks appear to be doing it for the views or generating YouTube videos for the sake of fame. I believe my work to be art that I like sharing with others, and most people appreciate viewing it.

Many abandoned sites, however, become shut off, sometimes by neighbors or even fellow urban explorers who don’t want others coming in, even though these individuals have no right to do so. I regard those where there is nothing open to be off-limits.

Once I’ve found the location, I need to figure out how to get there, whether a place is open, and the best method to get in. It is sometimes necessary to contact the previous owner. This frequently necessitates long excursions across fields or forests. It is never a quick or simple procedure

Aside from camera attachments (tripods, etc.), the most critical item to have on hand is some sort of mask to protect you from dust or asbestos. Always drink water. A light source. Bandages or anything else that will help in the event of an injury.

The primary living area

People frequently believe that urban exploration is risk-free and that everyone can do it. It’s risky, and it necessitates much research and planning ahead of time; there are several hazards. Many times, areas that were accessible just a few days ago are no longer accessible. Also, just because a location has been abandoned does not imply that it is for sale!

The most perilous location was a castle in France, where there was an irate neighbor with a key during the time it was open. He pursued me around the castle with a lead pipe, which ma

y or may not has been the one in this story.

Downstairs living quarters

I’ve learned that when we die, we take nothing with us, and occasionally the things we cherish, even property, are rejected by the people we leave them to. I’ve learned a lot about history and the horror stories of families that have occurred in these abandoned houses. Every journey is an experience of learning about the past.

Bedroom downstairs

Bedroom downstairs

A living space

The kitchen

Main dining room

The main staircase

A piano upstairs

A master bedroom

Another upstairs bedroom

The Library