Judge calls up little girl to deliver sentence to her mother

She had quite the story to tell him.
There’s no denying that 2020 has been challenging. Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, the future had another thing in store for us.

But while this year has been nothing short of chaotic, people have been stepping up to make others’ lives a whole lot brighter.

During these difficult times, we all deserve a bit of cheering up. It’s incredible what a simple act of kindness can do to lift someone else’s spirits. In this video, a Rhode Island judge named Judge Caprio has all sorts of people walking through his Providence courtroom.

But one mother in particular really stood out to him.
Massey English walked up to the stand, accompanied by her 3-year-old daughter Kaya.

Judge Caprio couldn’t help but notice her adorable daughter and even asked her to say hello to the camera.

Little Kaya waived and smiled in such a sweet way, the judge told Mrs. English,

“I think she’s going to be very successful in life, with that personality”

Mrs. English grinned and went on to explain that she takes after herself and Kaya’s father.

As Judge Caprio talked to Mrs. English about her case he realized he recognized her from a previous court hearing that year.

At the last court hearing she didn’t pay a parking ticket and had to bring her son who had a severely broken arm.

In this court case she repeated the same offense with another unpaid parking ticket and brought along little Kaya. Judge Caprio jokingly said to English,

“We usually incarcerate repeat offenders”

In which English raised Kaya’s hand and said,

“I can’t take her to jail with me though, so”

Judge Caprio laughed and asked her why exactly she’s in court for a parking ticket.

English said that she wanted to be proven innocent. Little did this judge know, Mrs. English was going through one of the toughest years of her life.

English informed the judge about what went on the day she received her parking ticket.

She explained that she had went downtown to go get Kaya’s birth certificate on her behalf because her father passed away and after that she had went out to lunch and found a parking ticket on her car, adding some more weight to her tough year.

You could hear the tone of the courtroom change as English spoke about her reality to the judge.

English went on to say that Kaya was able to spend a lot of time with her father before he passed away from a long battle with cancer.

Judge Caprio looked at Mrs. English with so much empathy and recalled the last time she was in his courtroom with her son.
He agreed, saying, what a stressful and tragic year it’s been for her.

Then suddenly he asked Kaya to come up to the podium and sit with him. Kaya walked up to him and sat right in front of the microphone. That’s when Judge Caprio told Kaya to say,

“Not guilty!”

Kaya hit the gavel and you could see Mrs. English overfilled with joy.

After Kaya’s verdict, the judge told her to go on back to mom. That’s when Judge Caprio asked if Mrs. English had a picture of Kaya’s father.

Which of course she did, and showed him one of the last moments Kaya shared with her father in the hospital
The touching photo is one to leave your eyes filled with tears.

But Judge Caprio’s kindness made Mrs. English life so much better in that moment.

This judge has so much empathy and understanding. The truth is you never know what battles someone else is going through and acting out of kindness is the one thing that can truly make the world a better place.