Kate honors Diana by donning her earrings during the Queen’s parade.

The Princess of Wales wore her mother-in-law Princess Diana’s earrings during the Queen’s procession today.

Kate, 40, wore pearl earrings given to Diana before her 1981 wedding to Prince Charles.

Collingwood earrings reflect a meaningful transition from one Princess of Wales to the other.

They quickly became Diana’s favorites, and she wore them on royal visits to Australia, Canada, and Italy.

The earrings contain a round diamond stud from which a second round diamond is hanging, as well as a bell cap set with three extra rows of little diamonds. Each of the bell caps has a pearl drop.

Diana wore the earrings before she became Princess of Wales. They were a gift from Collingwood, a jewelry store that the Spencers favored.

Throughout her marriage, she wore them on multiple occasions.

During her 1985 visit to the United States, she wore them with a lacy white gown and the Lover’s Knot tiara to a gala dinner at the British Embassy.

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< She also wore them with the form-fitting black dress she wore to the Vanity Fair gala at the Serpentine Gallery in London in November 1994, which became known as the Revenge Dress. Today, Kate Middleton wore the earrings as a nice tribute to her mother-in-law, who was named Princess of Wales by King Charles III when he was anointed King on Saturday. Kate has worn the earrings multiple times, including in her official photo issued earlier this year to commemorate her 40th birthday. She wore them with a pearl brooch owned by the Queen. During the engagement, Collingwood also loaned Diana items, including an exquisite diamond necklace and matching earrings, which she wore for a picture session with Lord Snowdon. The business apparently planned to give Diana the necklace and earrings as a wedding present, but the palace warned them that the gift would be too costly. Rather, diamond and pearl earrings were provided.