Kentucky father rushes off shift at coal mine to not miss first basketball game with his son

This Kentucky dad’s love and devotion for his child is one of a kind. He recently gained widespread applause after he rushed from work to spend time with his son, making him worthy of the title, “Father of the Year.”

Like many Americans, Michael McGuire is a hardworking parent trying to provide the best life for his family. The father works in the mines and made many sacrifices for his wife and kids, never imagining that his selflessness would touch hearts.

Michael had a challenging and busy work schedule that didn’t always allow him to be present for his son. However, he did everything possible to show up when he could—and no amount of coal dust would stop him.

The Loving and Supportive Father
Michael’s life in Eastern Kentucky wasn’t always easy. He had to work hard to make ends meet and did so by working as a roof bolter for Excel Mines. The job allows his wife, Mollie McGuire, to stay home and raise their kids. She shared:

“There are many times he misses out on these events due to work. So any chance he can be there he is, no matter how tired or dirty.”

Supporting his beloved brood was all that mattered to Michael. So when his family purchased tickets for the “Blue & White Scrimmage” at the Appalachian Wireless Arena in October 2022, nothing was going to stop him from attending it with his son.

Continuing the Family Tradition
Michael had grown up watching sports with his father, and the tradition was valuable. He wanted to carry on the pastime of watching basketball together with his son.

Over the weekend of October 22, the father had to work late, and his wife recalled: “He said, ‘I’m not going [to] have time to go shower, or I’ll miss most of the game with Easton.’”

A photo of Michael and Easton quickly went viral online, with people nominating the dad for “Father of the Year.”

His Appearance Garnered Attention
Still dressed in his work uniform and covered in soot from head to toe, Michael made it in time for the basketball game. He might have had dirt on his face, but he had a lot of love and warmth in his heart.

While the dad was tired, the smile on his face was unmissable. His son’s happiness was also evident as they enjoyed the game together. Amid the excitement, Michael had no idea how much attention his appearance attracted!

He was a father that always showed up for his kids, and his wife Mollie was proud. She expressed:

“He is the most selfless man ever and always puts his family first!”

Dad of the Year
A photo of Michael and Easton quickly went viral online, with people nominating the dad for “Father of the Year.” His son was also mesmerized by his loving parent and undoubtedly learned a valuable life lesson.

The basketball coach at the event also noticed Michael and his son, and offered them VIP tickets to watch another game. Mollie was in awe of the love and admiration, but she turned the spotlight on all of America’s hardworking miners, saying:

“There are so many coal miners out there … who don’t get noticed. So we would like to say from one coal mining family to all the others, your hard work and dedication matter, and you are appreciated!”

The Online Praise
America fell in love with the devoted husband and father. Many users thanked him for setting such a shining example while wishing his family well:

“My husband was always filthy coming from work not [missing] our kids’ games. This is what good parents do, and the kids grow up remembering being [the] first priority.”

– (Claflin ShawnandToni) October 26, 2022

“My grandpa was a Kentucky coal miner too. Coal minors are hard workers who work in places that most of us would be scared to go. It takes a real man to do what they have to do. God bless him and his family.”

– (Joyce Winters) October 26, 2022

“To exert the level of strength and energy it takes to be a coal miner and then take time out to spend quality time and share a gentle moment with your child is priceless.”

– (Rita Dunham) October 26, 2022

“This story sent cold chills all over. Thank God there are still dads out there that think more of [their families] than [themselves]. That little boy will never forget his first experience with his dad at the game.”

– (Phyllis Reynolds) October 26, 2022

A dad’s love is essential, and making their children a priority is something the little ones will always cherish. Easton is a lucky boy to have such a great father. We wish them many happy years together.

Do you think the father did the right thing showing up to the basketball game covered in soot? Please share your thoughts with us!

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