Lisa Marie Appeared Unsteady & Seemed to Slur Her Words at Golden Globes — Inside Her Final Days

Lisa Marie Presley unexpectedly died.
Two days before her death, she appeared at the Golden Globes, and fans worried that she looked frail and appeared to struggle to speak.
She lost her son in 2020 and spent her last years honoring him.
Lisa Marie Presley was a singer, songwriter, and the only daughter of the king of pop Elvis Presley.

The singer was at this year’s Golden Globes in support of actor Austin Butler who played her father in the movie “Elvis.”
Lisa Marie praised the actor for giving a very “accurate” and “spot-on” performance of her father’s character.
She also appreciated how the film did not make a mockery out of Elvis’ artistic expression.

However, fans could not help but notice how the 54-year-old looked weak and held onto Jerry Schilling’s arm tightly. People also thought that Lisa Marie appeared to struggle to speak.

Nonetheless, fans empathized with the singer because she had lost her son, Benjamin Keough, to suicide in 2020 and could only imagine how difficult the grieving process had been for Lisa Marie.

However, the night at the Golden Globes was emotional for Lisa Marie and her mother, Priscilla. The mother-daughter cried during Butler’s speech as he thanked them for taking him when he was filming “Elvis.” “I love you forever,” he said.

Lisa Marie wrote a sweet tribute to her son on his birthday in 2020 and how suffocating the pain of his passing had been to her and his siblings.

The mother of four asked her son for guidance and strength as she continued to live and care for her daughters. She knew he would want his sisters to be cared for.

She wrote, “please wait for me, my love, and hold my hand while I stay to continue to protect and raise your little sisters and to be here for Riley.”

Even though the pain of losing her eldest son was unbearable, Lisa Marie was willing to continue to give her children the love they deserved.

Lisa Marie Was Destroyed by Her Son’s Death

Lisa Marie’s death shocked many people.

She had just made an appearance at the Golden Gloves, and fans were ecstatic to see her in public.

However, two days after her public appearance, she died prematurely from a reported cardiac arrest.

Lisa Marie’s father also suffered a premature death, which had the whole world shuttered. The king of pop allegedly lost his life due to heart failure.

When Elvis died, Lisa Marie was only nine years old; the singer still remembered her last moment with her father before he was announced dead.

She vividly recalled that it was August 16th, and she was supposed to be asleep when Elvis found her and told her to go to bed, to which she replied, “okay.”

Her father tucked her into bed and gave her a good night kiss; that was the last time she saw him alive. Her son’s death was also unexpected, so Lisa Marie dealt with a lot of grief in her life.

She wrote an honest account of grief in honor of National Grief Awareness day and her son. Lisa Marie admitted that she had known people that had lost children, but she avoided them because her biggest fear was losing a child.

But when she lost her son and became a “representative” of her biggest nightmare, she never wished anyone to be a victim of such pain.

Although losing her father was extremely painful, the death of Benjamin was too difficult to grapple with because he honored her every day, loved his sisters more than anything, and they made a good team.

Nonetheless, Lisa Marie chose to keep going despite how challenging it was, but even then, her son gave her strength because he made it clear that his younger sisters needed to be protected at all costs.

The mother of four said she still felt her son’s spirit follow her, and she saw him each day in her daughters, who adored Benjamin, and each day without him destroyed them.

Lisa Marie’s Close-Knit Family

Lisa Marie was close to all her children, and the singer was not shy to show it off on her Instagram.

She shared a special Christmas moment of watching the Nutcracker ballet with her daughters.

The singer also always honored her father; she shared a special picture of her and her daughters backstage at the 35th anniversary of Elvis’ concert in Memphis.

Lisa Marie was happy whenever her daughters were around her; when she thanked her fans for wishing her a happy birthday, she said it would not be a good day without her three girls. They were her favorite people in the world.

Lisa Marie’s daughter Riley also loves to share adorable throwback pictures of her and her brother Benjamin.

The first year she spent without him, Riley commemorated the day with a sweet picture of them as kids on the swing.

However, Lisa Marie was also lucky enough to have had her mother and grandmother alive at an older age. In 2015 she shared a picture of the three beautiful generations of women.
So fortunate 2 have my Mother AND My Grandmother still w me. Such inspiring and strong women, Happy Mothers Day:) xo

— Lisa Marie Presley (@LisaPresley) May 10, 2015
Riley also shared another throwback family picture with Benjamin from Easter. The family remained close through the significant losses they experienced, and even with the loss of their mother, they will have each other’s back.