Loretta Lynn Fought for Her Beloved Husband Though He Called Other Women into Their Bed

Loretta Lynn was always passionate about everything that she did. Whether singing, songwriting, playing the guitar, or even loving her family. The singer gave endless love to her kids and husband, who was incorrigible at philandering.

All hail the queen of country music, Loretta Lynn, who dedicated more than 60 years of her life to the art. The country music Hall of fame inductee was worth every praise she has amassed following her years of expertise and contributions to the industry.

It was a journey that began at a young age, after marrying her husband, Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn. Born in the coal-mining hills of Kentucky, the singer was raised in a poor home with a coal miner father who worked hard to care for the family.Lynn has now passed away at the age of 90. She passed away in her home in Hurricane Mills. Her family released a statement to say that she had passed away peacefully in her sleep and wanted to be buried next to her husband.

Lynn’s journey to the end was not always smooth sailing. She had a difficult marriage, but a happy enough childhood. Yet, they lived in abject poverty, and Loretta’s mother had to use newspapers as wallpapers to keep the cold out of their small cabin. Nevertheless, their living conditions did not deter Loretta from pursuing and excelling in her dream.

She also found love at 15 and married her first and only husband, nicknamed Doolittle. Unfortunately, it was not a bed of roses, as Doolittle committed many offenses that should have ruined their marriage. Still, Loretta remained married to him until his death. She confessed to loving him endlessly, adding that he is responsible for her stardom. The pair welcomed six kids.

Loretta Lynn Married as a Teenager and Managed the Marriage for 48 Years, Loretta met Doolittle in a gathering where pies were sold. She was a 15-year-old smitten by the 21-year-old man. Shortly after they met, they tied the knot, but rather than enjoy their young marriage; the Kentucky native was sent back to her parents.

Loretta was pregnant, and Doolittle was so engrossed in philandering that he did not want her around. They soon reconciled, but the infidelity continued. Loretta loved her home too much to give it up, so she warned the other woman to leave her beloved husband. Cheating was never a deal-breaker, and neither was violence when it occurred in the marriage.

The country crooner detailed the abuse in her book “Still Woman Enough.” She admitted that her husband was an alcoholic who spent all her money and hit her when drunk.

She explained that his actions had consequences. Whenever he hit her, she struck back. However, leaving was never an option. Loretta maintained that she stayed because of their kids, adding that:

“And I loved him, and he loved me.”Another way she dealt with the heartbreaks was by writing about them in her songs, from scripting Doolittle’s escapades to how she smacked another woman who was interfering in their romance.

The singer proudly admitted that she stayed in her marriage, upholding love. Loretta also backed up her fight for Doolittle, even though other women underestimated her according to her:

“If you can’t fight for your man, he’s not worth having.” Loretta Lynn’s Journey to Motherhood and Miscarriages
A few months after saying “I do,” Loretta became a mother to Betty Sue Lynn. Initially, she hoped for a boy and was disappointed to get a girl. Still, the couple loved their firstborn.

The following year, the couple welcomed a son, Jack Benny. He was his mother’s “favorite comedian.” After that, the Lynns tried to increase their family, but Loretta experienced two failed miscarriages.

On the third attempt, she conceived Ernest, her second son. His birth was painful, but luckily, she survived it. Loretta describes her child as a “sweet” and “handsome” boy. A second daughter named Cissie became the couple’s fourth child. Then, a few years after they welcomed her, a set of twins joined the pack.