Only Son Donates Kidney to His Mom, Pays Her Back for Giving Him the Valuable Gift of Life

Giving is always better than receiving—one son experienced this when he did something noble for his mother. He felt like a superhero after making the life-changing decision, and he encouraged others to help people whenever possible.

Thousands of citizens wait for organ donations to improve their lives. Sadly, many never receive their long-awaited miracle and struggle to get by each day.

Choosing to be an organ donor is a brave decision, and while it may seem daunting, it can save a life. One young man didn’t hesitate when his mother needed him. Read their inspirational story.

Tawanna Davis. | Source: YouTube/UMMCnews


A family from Wayne County, Mississippi, faced a troubling time in 2022. Quinten Hogan’s mom, Tawanna Davis, experienced severe health issues, and doctors feared for the worst.

Hogan worked hard and planned to succeed, but his goals meant nothing to him if his mom wasn’t around to see them become a reality.
The 25-year-old watched his mother struggle due to her various ailments. Her kidneys were proving to be a particular concern, and Davis needed a transplant.


The mother didn’t expect her only son to sacrifice his comforts for her. She also never wanted to put her child in any possible danger or inconvenience. Hogan shared:

“She never really wanted me to do it. She’s my mom. She didn’t want [anything] to happen to me. She wanted me to be 100% healthy until I die.”

Amid the turmoil, Davis remained optimistic against all odds and believed she would receive a transplant when the time was right. Little did she know her miracle was closer to home than expected.


In 2021, Hogan took a leap of faith and got tested to see if he was a match for his mom. He couldn’t bear to see his mother endure years of waiting and a constant need for dialysis.

When the test results revealed he was suitable to donate a kidney to his mom, he didn’t think twice about going through with the procedure. Hogan expressed:

“It wasn’t nothing for her to birth me and take care of me and to make me who I am today. It ain’t nothing to give her pretty much the same amount of life that I lived on this earth back to her.”


The son added that he had lots of dreams he wanted to achieve. Hogan worked hard and planned to succeed, but his goals meant nothing to him if his mom wasn’t around to see them become a reality.

Eventually, Davis agreed because her son didn’t leave her much choice. Both family members were prepped for surgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The son said:

“It would mean the world to me to be successful and to tell my mom, ‘Hey! Look what I’ve done!’ I don’t want to be saying that to her when she’s in heaven.”


Dr. Christopher Anderson was honored to assist the family and proud that their procedure marked the center’s 3000th transplant. Anderson stated:

“Any day that you do a live donor surgery, it’s a great day. Living donation is such a wonderful gift. It changes many lives – not just the recipient and the donor, but the whole family.”


Both mother and son recovered well, and the surgery was a success. Hogan’s kidney donation gave his mom about 20 more years of life.

The mom and son duo also formed a deep bond during and after the experience—their love was stronger than ever. Davis was immensely thankful for her miracle, and she said:

“I feel blessed. I feel like a new person. Have you ever woke up sometime in your life, and there’s no tomorrow? Now there are many tomorrows for me. Everything is just overwhelming. I feel great.”


The mom and her selfless son encouraged others to become organ donors. They understood that many people might be apprehensive about donating, but Davis urged citizens to get tested and sign up to save lives. She shared:

“We all are put here to help each other. You can be somebody’s missing piece of the puzzle in their life. Be a living donor and help somebody like my son. God didn’t give us life for us not to help anybody.”


The young man was emotional and joyful after giving his mom a second chance at life. He expressed: “I didn’t give her my kidney because it’s her kidney. She gave it to me. It’s amazing to give life in a different way.”

In June 2022, Hogan shared a heartfelt post on Facebook. He said he was thankful to be his mom’s “healer” and added:

“I don’t care about the pain. I’m 25 and I [have] a whole life ahead of me still. Through this pain I’ve learned its way worth it.”

A son’s love saved his mother’s life, and his selfless actions are worthy of praise. Share their story so others can be encouraged by the power of love. What do you think about Hogan’s brave decision?