Poor Grandma Raising Her 3 Grandkids Can’t Afford Rent, Gets $5,000 from Strangers One Day

After the recent hike in rent prices, a poor grandmother found it hard to raise her three grandchildren. She was on the verge of becoming homeless when a stranger knocked on her door and told her something she couldn’t believe.

They say you don’t have to worry about anything when your family is around. Often, we witness our close ones going out of their way to care for us and help us during our dark days. Our family members are usually the ones who help us during such times.

The grandmother in today’s story stepped forward to help her daughter by adopting her children. But with the rising inflation, it was difficult for her to manage the monthly expenses. Just then, a stranger knocked on her door and gave her the surprise of a lifetime.

Jackie Lang. | Source: youtube.com/FOX5 Las Vegas


When Shelley Duggar was stuck in an abusive relationship, her mother, Jackie Lang, stepped up and decided to adopt her children to save them from going into foster care. Despite knowing about her financial condition, Lang made the difficult decision to keep her family together.

“I wouldn’t change a thing,” Lang said while thinking about her decision to adopt her three grandchildren. With tears in her eyes, Lang said she loved her grandchildren “too much” and couldn’t think of living without them.

However, managing finances became challenging with the rising inflation and the hike in rent prices. Lang received a fixed income, while Duggar was on disability. Their earnings weren’t enough to cover their house rent.


Lang revealed that her house rent went up by three times, and she had no idea how she would pay it. The grandmother was sure she would soon be homeless because there was no way she could afford the new rent.

Lang and Duggar didn’t even have a car to sleep in, but the grandmother told her daughter they would “all be together” even if they had to sleep outside. After seeing her daughter go through the worst phase of her life, Lang said:

“I would move the world for you.”


After witnessing how Lang had supported her during the most challenging time of her life, Duggar came up with an idea. She had heard about the FOX5 Surprise Squad and thought of nominating her mother to thank her for her countless efforts. Duggar said:

“This was a way to show my appreciation to my Mom. You know, this is not nearly enough, but it’s something.”

Duggar felt she would have lost her children if it wasn’t for her mother. She thought Lang was the reason they were living together as a family. When the FOX5 Surprise Squad heard about Lang, they didn’t hesitate to visit her.


Just when the landlord had given them two weeks to move out, someone knocked on Lang’s door. When Duggar opened it, she was delighted to see the FOX5 Surprise Squad standing on the doorstep.

After listening to Lang’s story, the Surprise Squad team gave her a red box and asked her to open it. When the grandmother opened it, she was shocked. Tears rolled down her cheeks, but she was unaware of the other surprise she would soon get.

Inside the red box was $5,000 from the FOX5 Surprise Squad to help Lang pay her rent. “This is going to help a lot,” Lang said with tears in her eyes. What was happening at that moment seemed surreal to her.

Shelley Duggar and Jackie Lang with a FOX5 Surprise Squad team member. | Source: youtube.com/FOX5 Las Vegas


Just when Lang thought the surprise was over, a team member revealed something shocking. She told Lang and Duggar that one of the show’s sponsors, United Nissan owner, Don Forman, had heard about their story and wanted to give them something.

The woman told the mother-daughter duo that Forman had offered to pay their rent for a year. Lang and Duggar couldn’t believe her words. While Lang started crying, Duggar exclaimed:

“Oh my God! No way! No way! No way!”


It was a life-changing moment for Lang and Duggar because they wouldn’t have to worry about paying rent for a year. This family struggled to make ends meet, but FOX5 Surprise Squad changed things for them. Duggar said:

“Now we can live life! We have been just existing these last years.”

Lang’s story shows that generous acts never go to waste. She received the reward for her kindness a few years after she adopted her grandchildren. Her story also proves that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Share this story with your friends and family who are going through a tough time in their lives. Lang’s story will motivate them not to feel hopeless.