Sharon Osbourne Fires Back At Media: “I wouldn’t trust CBS as far as I could throw them, I don’t regret it at all”

She said: “I don’t reg ret it at all. Piers is not a ra-c ist, never has said anything ra-c ist, never written anything that you could consider ra-c ist. It’s not in him, and I’ve known him for 30 years.”

“I honestly think that CBS, because the world loved the interview, and it was Piers Morgan who said, ‘Hold on here, there are 17 Iies that’s been told – it’s one-sided,’” Osbourne said of Piers calling out Meghan Markle.

I didn’t agree with everything Piers said, but I still agreed he had the right to say whatever he wanted.

“I know myself that if Jack had taken this project anywhere else, they wouldn’t have taken it because people were very afraid to deal with somebody that’s been canceled.

“They are very af-raid.

“Everybody walks on eggshell, everybody wants to be politically correct, and they just don’t want to deal with you. Fox said, ‘We have no problem.’

“It’s an interesting documentary to watch, it really is.

“They’ll learn a lot.”

“I think that everybody knew the questions and everybody knew the answers.

“I have nothing against anyone except CBS.

“I wouldn’t trust CBS as far as I could throw them.

“People think that this documentary is just about ca ncel cu lture.

“It’s of course, there is that in there.

“But it’s also about my life and how I started off in the industry, and my father was in the industry and I kind of feel I’ve lived about three lives.

“So it’s interesting for people who don’t know much about me.

“He was really before his time because he was the first one to own his independent r-ecord label,” Osbourne said of her father Don Arden.

“We fell out hugely over money, which everybody always does, and then I started managing people on my own and here I am today.”

According to Fox News:

“Osbourne was terminated from her role as a co-host of CBS’s daytime talk show “The Talk” last year when she defended Piers Morgan amid a ccusation that he was rac ist for comm-ents cr-itical of Meghan Markle’s characterization of the British royal family.

“Morgan didn’t believe Markle’s su icide or rac ism cl aims in her Oprah Winfrey interview, and Osbourne defended him, but she was promptly accused of “giving va lidation or safe haven to something that he has uttered that is ra-c ist” by co-host Sheryl Underwood.”