To encircle his home, a man spends $8300 on 400 feet of plastic

Convenient living is what most of us long for. At the end of the day, no matter how big or small our place of stay is, the comfort and the coziness it offers is what makes it a home, and as such, we need to protect it and keep it safe at all cost.

A man from Texas named Randy Wagner was aware that the hurricane season was coming so he decided to do something about it and protect his property from floods.

The plan he had on mind involved a lot of labor and a lot of money, but he believed it was vital for keeping his home safe.

He built a fence out of plastic around his house that was 400 feet long. For it, he spent $8300.

This sounded crazy and most of his family and neighbors believed it was a waste of time and money and weren’t fond of Randy’s investment, but they were wrong. When the hurricane did hit the country, the barrier was actually able to hold the water back so it didn’t reach his house. This saved Randy from damage that would have cost him up to $150,000 to fix had the water entered his property.

As hurricanes are common at some parts of the States, it is vital that people take precautions.

First, it would be useful to prepare a kit bag that contains all the basic things you would need in case of an emergency such as a flashlight, batteries, some cash, basic first aid supplies and medication. In case there is no safer place to evacuate rather than your home, make sure you have enough food and water for several days without electricity.

Trimming tree branches close to your house ahead of the hurricane season might be a good idea as they can fall when the wind hits and damage properties around. Cleaning any clogged areas in rain gutters is also a must, as getting rid of the debris at such places won’t let any excess water enter your home.

For more on Randy’s investment go to the video below.

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