Waitress receives $4,400 tip from happy customer – what her employee did next is so out of order

Grant Wise, a real estate businessman, has come up with the ‘$100 club’ during the pandemic. The idea behind this ‘club’ is that he and his friends tip $100 to servers at restaurants in order to make their days enjoyable and thank them for the service.

Recently, he and some other businessmen decided to have dinner at Oven & Tap in Bentonville, north-west Arkansas. According to Wise, before he made a reservation, he called the place in order to establish what the tipping policy was. He was then told that waiters and waitresses don’t split their takings.

Once at the restaurant, he and the rest of the executives left a generous tip of $4,400 to waitress Ryan Brandt and told her to split it with her colleague who needed to leave early because she wasn’t feeling fine.

Needless to say, Brandt was left speechless. She couldn’t believe her eyes when Wise handed her the thick wad of cash.

Credit: Instagram/@rebeccasoto_legacy

Rebecca Soto, one of the people accompanying Wise, filmed the entire thing and uploaded the clip on Instagram with the caption: “I’m humbled to have been part of something so beautiful and generous. To bless someone else without previously knowing them.

“I have been blessed, so it is wonderful to pay it forward and bless someone else.

“God bless all who contributed and the servers who received it. I pray it may be multiplied and impact their life for the better.”

In the video, Wise could be seen giving the money to Brandt and saying, “Everybody at this table has contributed or tipped $100 for you, and for the other waitress, who unfortunately had to go home because she wasn’t feeling well.

“And then we put it out to our social media channels, and we actually had quite a bit more money sent in. So we are tipping you a total of $4,400 for you to split with the other girl that took care of us.”

Credit: Instagram/@rebeccasoto_legacy

Sadly, Brandt’s happiness was short lived as her manager asked her to give him the money and keep just 20 per cent.

She complained, and somehow Wise learned of what the manager wanted to do so he asked the money back and then gave them to Brandt again but this time, he did it outside the restaurant.

Sadly, shortly after, she was fired for accepting the money. Brandt said Oven & Tap told her that she was fired because she disclosed information to Wise about splitting the tip with her coworkers, which violated the restaurant’s policy, KNWA reported.

Learning of this, Wise and his compassionate colleagues started a GoFundMe page for Brandt which raised $8,700 in a matter of days.

Credit: Instagram/@rebeccasoto_legacy

Oven & Tap, meanwhile, issued a statement on the matter, claiming that they had “honored” Wise’s table’s request that the tips go to Ryan and her colleague.

“After dining, this large group of guests requested that their gratuity be given to two particular servers,” the restaurant said.

“We fully honored their request. Out of respect for our highly valued team members, we do not discuss the details surrounding the termination of an employee.”

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