Woman Rents Her Apartment to New Tenant, Gets Suspicious Seeing Teenagers Constantly Visiting Him

Katherine had always known that there was something fishy about her new tenant, Roger. She often saw teenage boys and girls constantly visit his house. So Katherine spied on him to find out. But one day, Roger realized that Katherine had started suspecting and revealed something unexpected to her.

Nobody in the neighborhood liked Katherine Wilson. They despised her so much that none of them even showed up at her 50th birthday bash. Katherine’s ex-husband, Morrison, was a rich clerk and part-time realtor in the city. But after he cheated on her with his young secretary, she divorced him and sued for half his property.

Unsurprisingly, it was anybody’s envy when Katherine moved into Morisson’s large mansion and lived alone with her two dogs and five cats. She had no children.

“That’s a huge house for one old lady!” some gossiped behind Katherine’s back. But it was the least of her concerns. She sold her cars because she didn’t know how to drive. She loved the smell of money and wanted to keep earning more, so she decided to rent out an old house in town…The house was based in an underprivileged area with a vast crime history. Since nobody rented this house after the former tenants left, Katherine decided to advertise it for rent. Shortly after, she got a call from a stranger.

“Hello, Mrs. Wilson… It’s me, Roger,” the man told her on the phone one Monday morning. “I called you the other day regarding the house for rent, remember?”

“I want to know what is going on in my house!” she yelled at roger. “i’ll call the cops if you don’t tell me right now!” Katherine was delighted and called Roger over to check out the house. She eagerly waited for him that afternoon. Moments later, a van pulled over, and a man got down. But after seeing him, Katherine frowned.Katherine observed the man from top to toe. He was poorly dressed, and she thought he was from the most impoverished area in town.

“Good to see you, Roger,” she greeted the man, although she expected him to back off after hearing how much she charged him for rent. She was surprised, though, by the guy’s impeccable communication. She thought it was way too much for a man dressed like this.

After touring the building, Katherine decided to inform Roger about the rental agreement. But before she could say anything, Roger chimed in and surprised her with his offer.“I’m okay even if you charge me $1,500 in rent per month…I just love this place,” Roger told Katherine, who was stunned.

She had a way lesser amount in mind, but when Roger offered to pay more, she couldn’t resist. She suspected something was odd about this man but signed the rental agreement then and there because money was what mattered to her the most.

A month later, Katherine got a notification on her phone. It was a reminder she had set to collect the rent from her new tenant. She took a taxi and went to town to meet Roger.

She entered the building and paused after seeing an unfamiliar teenage boy exit Roger’s place. For some reason, she thought it was strange because the boy didn’t look like a student…“Here, Mrs. Wilson,” Roger hurriedly handed her the rent money. “I need to leave now, so if you don’t mind….”

Katherine was shocked because he didn’t even invite her inside. He closed the door and locked it while she stood outside in disbelief. “I have to go… I’m already late,” Roger told her and ran outside. “See you next month!”

Katherine couldn’t believe what had just happened. Roger didn’t sound polite, and the way he sprinted out seemed suspicious. “NEXT MONTH??? NO WAY…I’m coming tomorrow because I need to find out,” Katherine mumbled under her breath as she walked away.The next day, Katherine woke up earlier than usual, and after feeding her pets, she left for town. She got off the taxi and headed toward a small café opposite Roger’s house.

She was sipping her third cup of coffee as she anxiously stared at the residence. Moments later, she saw many teenagers enter the house and leave after a short time.

A little later, a gang of girls went in. This fueled Katherine’s suspicion, so she decided to barge into Roger’s house and find out what he’s been doing.The girls exited the spot, giggling and Katherine had no idea what was going on. She peeped into the house, but Roger wouldn’t allow her to walk further. At this point, she lost it.

“I want to know what is going on in my house!” she yelled at Roger. “I’LL CALL THE COPS IF YOU DON’T TELL ME RIGHT NOW!” Roger was taken aback by his landlord’s temperament and knew there was no escape other than to tell her the truth. “I understand…I understand, Mrs. Wilson,” he told her. “If you could please visit again tomorrow, you’ll find out yourself….”

Katherine was furious but agreed. She returned to Roger’s house around the same time the next day. Roger greeted her, but she was indifferent. He understood her temper and offered her to sit. “Now you’ll know what’s going on here…” he told Katherine as she waited anxiously. A few minutes later, two teenage boys entered the building. They greeted Roger and took a bundle of old books from their backpacks.

“Here you go, it’s $5 for one book,” Roger said and gave the boys $30 and six new books. Katherine was stunned. She wondered what was wrong with Roger and couldn’t understand why he gave the boys money and books. “What is going on?” she asked him. “Are you selling books in my house without my permission?”

Roger smiled at Katherine and sighed. He asked her to follow him inside. Katherine was a little frightened because she was alone and didn’t want this to end terribly, but she reluctantly followed Roger to his bedroom.